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Classes in Brussels

For prices and bookings of classes in Brussels, please check the studio’s website:


Classes in Mons

For group classes:

  • Trial class: 10 euros
  • Drop-in: 15 euros
  • 5-class pass, valid 3 months from purchase date: 60 euros
  • 10-class pass, valid 6 months from purchase date: 100 euros

Please note that passes are nominative, not transferrable and not refundable.

Payment is CASH only, or bank transfer prior to class to account number BE38 3770 1515 4972 (beneficiary: Emmanuelle Lambert)

Spots are limited, registration is REQUIRED. Booking by text to +32 (0)477 968 007.

Click HERE for calendar and type of classes.


For private classes (one or two people):

  • 60-minute private yoga class: 60 euros
  • 60-minute private yoga class, prepaid package of 4, to be taken within 6 months: 200 euros
  • 90-minute private yoga class: 80 euros
  • 90-minute private yoga class, prepaid package of 4, to be taken within 6 months: 270 euros

Rates valid in Mons only. By appointment only. Contact me if you want yoga tailored to your needs.


Practical information

  • Mons studio is located on Avenue Reine Astrid 4, 7000 Mons. Ring the bell “Emma Lambert Yoga” ;
  • Please come about 10 to 15 minutes before class so you have time to change and settle in before class. If you’re coming to the second class of the evening, please wait until the first class is finished before ringing the bell, ideally come 10 minutes before start of class, no earlier;
  • Please note that classes start on time. No late comer will be allowed in, for two reasons: first it’s very disruptive, second you might not be prepared as well as others for the progress during class therefore the risk is higher of hurting yourself. So out of respect for your fellow students and your teacher, and out of safety reasons, please be on time!
  • In case of cancellation, please let me know 4 hours before the class. Otherwise, for late cancellation or no-show, the class will be checked off your pass;
  • Please turn mobile phones off / on silent mode for class, and keep them out of the studio space itself;
  • Please wear comfortable clothing, sports outfit is fine, no need for super expensive yoga clothing to be able to move 🙂
  • No need to bring yoga mats (unless you want to use your own) or material, everything is provided;
  • Do not eat right before class, ideally no less than two hours before class, or a light snack at least 30 minutes before;
  • Please note that I do teach with music on, and I also offer hands-on assists. That said, it is your choice. So feel free to come to me beforehand and let me know if you don’t want that kind of contact. All classes are trauma-informed but there might still be triggers. If you want a touch-free class, let me know and we’ll set it up 🙂
  • It is the student’s responsibility to inform the teacher of any health issues, injury, pregnancy, anything that is happening in your body that might need attention. A yoga class does not replace medical advice;
  • Everyone is welcome. Every body is welcome. Flexibility is not a requirement and is highly overrated. If you are looking for a safe space to practice, if you’re looking for more inclusivity and diversity, this is your space. As Krishnamacharya said: “if you can breathe you can do yoga” !
  • And remember: this practice is ultimately yours. You always have a choice. Make sure you practice within the boundaries of your range of motion. Pushing against the edge of a shape can feel great, just make sure you are not pushing beyond.

See you on the mat!