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Vinyasa Flow Yoga – a dynamic and creative form of yoga linking breath and movement, tradition and modernity, strength and flexibility. After a class you feel energized, empowered and happy!

Yin Yoga, a more static form or yoga, yet as challenging – maybe even more!- as Vinyasa Flow: poses held for a longer duration to go really deep inside and help your body release as the connective tissues are getting stretched to allow for energy to flow.

In my classes I provide a safe environment for you to explore, connect to your inner self and play your edge, while respecting everyone’s body.

Classes in Ixelles

All classes take place at Serendip Spa, Place Stéphanie 16, 1050 Brussels


  • 12h30-13h30: Lunchtime Yoga – Vinyasa Flow.
  • 18h-19h: Yin Yang Yoga – my signature class: a mix of Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow for a complete yoga experience!
  • 19h30-20h30: Candlelight Yoga – slow deep flow to stretch and relax mind, body and spirit.


  • 17h30-18h30: Gentle Yoga – to learn or review the basics.
  • 19h-20h30: Vinyasa Flow.


  • 10h-11h30, Yin Yang Yoga.

All info and booking through Serendip Spa: or by email:



Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. Give yourself ample digestion time, about 2 hours before class (or have a light snack).

Wear something comfortable in which you can move. No need to bring a mat, all material is available at the studio :)

It is your responsibility to ALWAYS notify your teacher about injuries / medical conditions / pregnancy. We may need to modify poses so you can enjoy the class fully and still take care of yourself :)

Classes are taught in French or are bilingual French / English if needed. Even trilingual French / English / Sanskrit. There you go.