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Vinyasa Flow Yoga – a dynamic and creative form of yoga linking breath and movement, tradition and modernity, strength and flexibility. After a class you feel energized, empowered and happy!

Yin Yoga, a more static form or yoga, yet as challenging – maybe even more!- as Vinyasa Flow: poses held for a longer duration to go really deep inside and help your body release as the connective tissues are getting stretched to allow for energy to flow.

Group Classes in Saint-Gilles

In my classes I provide a safe environment for you to explore, connect to your inner self and play your edge, while respecting everyone’s body.

All classes take place at YIB, Rue Alfred Cluysenaar 20, 1060 Brussels. Access with trams 3, 4 and 51 stop Horta, tram 81 stop Barrière, tram 97 stop Barrière or Combaz. Ring at ‘YIB’.


  • 12h30-13h30, Vinyasa Flow Yoga



  • 10h30-12h00, Vinyasa + Yin: the best of both worlds, yin + yang, movement + stillness.
  • 12h30-13h30: Vinyasa Flow Yoga.
  • 18h00-18h45, Serenity Session, a mix of  gentle movement, breathing, meditation and chanting (see special rate below).
  • 19h00-20h30, Vinyasa Flow Yoga.


Rates & Terms

  • Drop in = 15 euros;
  • 5 class pass = 60 euros (= 1 free class), valid 3 months;
  • 10 class pass = 120 euros (= 2 free classes), valid 6 months;
  • Serenity Session = 10 euros; free for class pass holders (5 or 10 classes).


Practical info & recommendations

Classes start at indicated times. Please come 5 to 10 minutes before start of class to get changed and to settle in.

Please note that there will be NO ADMISSION after 5 minutes after start of class, not to disturb the other students and make them lose their focus (and making me stop class because I have to open the door manually!). Thanks for respecting them and yourself too by arriving in time.

Space is limited, please sign up for class a couple of days in advance. Cancellation 24 hours in advance, thanks for showing consideration for peeps on the waiting list. If you cancel on the day or simply don’t show up, you will be charged for the class you missed.

Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. Give yourself ample digestion time, about 2 hours before class (or have a light snack).

Wear something comfortable in which you can move. No need to bring a mat, all material is available at the studio :)

It is your responsibility to ALWAYS notify your teacher about injuries / medical conditions / pregnancy. We may need to modify poses so you can enjoy the class fully and still take care of yourself :)

Classes are taught in French or are bilingual French / English if needed. Even trilingual French / English / Sanskrit. There you go.




Mobile: +32 (0)477 968 007

Classes in Ixelles

All classes take place at Serendip Spa, Place Stéphanie 16, 1050 Brussels


  • 17h30-18h30, Vinyasa
  • 19h-20h: Gentle Yoga.

All info and booking through Serendip Spa: