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All open classes are offered at Serendip Spa & Yoga, Place Stéphanie 16-18, Brussels. Please refer to Serendip’s website for info on rates and bookings.

TUESDAY 18h-19h (60mn): GENTLE (Vinyasa-based)

WEDNESDAY 17h30-18h30 (60mn): YIN YANG (all levels) 

WEDNESDAY 19h-20h30 (90mn): VINYASA (intermediate/advanced)

All this is well and good, but what the hell does that mean? 

VINYASA: dynamic and creative style of yoga that links breath with movement. Poses are linked together in sequences and fluidity of movement and transitions make the practice look like a dance. Classes combine the traditional way of sequencing (Vinyasa Krama) inherited from « the grandfather of modern yoga » Krishnamacharya with the principles of « Core Strength Vinyasa (CSV) Yoga ». CSV Yoga is based on a contemporary vision of human anatomy, taking into account the whole body in its entirety, and no longer a « body parts » vision. Vinyasa classes are breath-based, and focused on holistic organic alignment of the body, the creativity of transitions, and of course spirituality applied to our everyday life.

Gentle classes are based on Vinyasa but more suitable to beginners or those who take it slower with still a bit of movement.

YIN YANG: my signature class, that I’ve been teaching for over 7 years in Brussels. The best of both worlds: a mix of gentle Yin yoga (passive holds) and Vinyasa flow (dynamic sequences) to strengthen, stretch, and release.

Disclaimer: all classes are trauma-informed, but because these are open group classes, there might still be triggers in the space. I offer hands-on assists, but never without consent, and you are always welcome to choose if you want them or not. 

See you on the mat 🙂